Who: Crome LLC.

What: Identity Development

Why: CRoME is a high-end performance, education and fashion brand that specializes in hip-hop dance choreography and instruction. The brand identity needed to represent the sense of quality, strength, intelligence, dynamism and professionalism of its owner Maryland native choreographer & performer Crishon Jerome Landers.

Role: Art Direction, Concept Development & Design

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Who: Ginger Beauty, LLC.

What: Identity Design, Website & Bus. Card

Why: Ginger Beauty is cosmetics and lifestyle brand that specializes in eyelash extensions, custom makeups and one-to-one consultations. The brand identity and website needed to bring an edgy appeal, with a personal touch that could simultaneously reflect the professional, smart, chic and fun clientele that Ginger Beauty serves.

Role: Concept Development & Design

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Who: Rogue Squirrel, Inc.

What: Branding, Web & Apparel Design

Why: A graphic apparel brand & screen printing company specializing in designs that often featured anything from tongue-in-cheek humor to comic book references to hip-hop appreciation etc. Rogue Squirrel’s varied designs related to a broad demographic both stylistically and personally. In managing the brand’s image, design needs ranged from t-shirt designs, to website creation & maintenance, email newsletter designs, promo postcards, custom tags for shirts, web ads etc.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Copywriting, & Design

Rogue Squirrel Biz Card
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Who: Rogue Squrirel, et al.What: Shirt & Apparel Design

Why: Shirt designs created over the years for Rogue Squirrel, special events, and a number of the company’s partners.

Role: Concept Development, Garment Selection, Screen Printing & Design

Rogue Squirrel Binary Shirt
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